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The game has changed! Almost all home searches start online. This means as a property seller you have to catch the buyer’s eye, or as some of my clients put it…”find the money shot”.


Give your sale, let or build the best chance with exceptional photography or Video tours.

Professional Property Photography Services in Liverpool, Crosby, Formby, Ormskirk, Southport, Wirral and across the UK


House Photography Liverpool has never been easier,
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It’s simple! affordable photography to help sell your house.

So why do you need to have professional photos?

The first look that any potential buyer will have when considering your home is of your photographs.  Good photos will attract more showings.  More showings means a higher chance of a sale and often, a higher selling price.

From Instagram to Pinterest , digital photos have become their own mode of online and mobile communication. With the vast majority of home buyers using the Internet as part of their home search. Photos are a critical factor in the selling price of your home, how quickly it sells, and even whether it sells at all.

It is most likely that anyone looking for a property will be searching on Right MoveZooplaPrime Location or an equivalent. With so many properties available to look at, poor quality images are guaranteed to stop buyers from booking a viewing.

Effective marketing photos are inspirational. If homebuyers perusing property on the Internet get inspired by a photo, they will click through to the agent’s website. If they don’t, they click “back” to view the next result in the search list. House Photography Liverpool will ensure you receive the highest quality photography delivered to you quickly.

Photo My House offers you professional affordable photography, with post production skills and a fast turnaround to help you  get the best imagery you can to enable you to sell your house quickly.

Great photographs are  becoming even more essential in marketing a house or business premises, whether it be for sale or rent. Research has shown that homes with good property photography do sell faster.

interior property photography

When preparing to sell a house people often give it a new coat of paint, spruce up the garden, and clean every nook and cranny, I know, I have done it myself. So after you have gone to so much effort to make your home really stand out to prospective buyers, why leave the photographic representation of your home to an amateur? It’s like falling at the last hurdle of a race – if you don’t have great pictures, all your home improvement efforts may be wasted. Your prospective buyer may pass your property over for a more inviting picture.

If you’re looking for high standards and quick results with most files produced within 24 hours, then please get in touch!

House Photography Liverpool, Crosby, Formby ,Southport and all surrounding areas.


A few tips to help you sell
and get the best out of your photography


Make a great impression for the start, this is the first port of call. The first thing people will see is the front of your property, so give yourself the best start, step into the buyers shoes and see what they see. View your house from their eyes and make any necessary improvements. The exterior image is still the gateway to all other ones.

If the paint work needs a bit of love and attention,  grab a paint brush and touch up. Make sure the front door and it’s furniture shine. Brush any steps and pathways and pull out any weeds poking out through the slabs on driveways . If you can its best to remove cars from driveways too. This will give a full view of your property rather than a window or door being obstructed by a car.

Clean all the windows and make sure that planters and hanging baskets are looking great, weed out any dead plants and trim any overgrown shrubs. Repair any broken gates, fences and letterboxes, loose paving slabs or stones knocked out of a wall.

This will make a huge difference to how people feel about a house. Move any unsightly bins away from the front of the property. This will create a great impact and give your buyer the right impression from the start.

House Photography Liverpool, Crosby, Formby ,Southport.


Clean surfaces reflect light far better than dirty ones do. Dirty surfaces not only reflect light badly, they make your house look dull. Get out the vacuum cleaner, the mop, dust all surfaces and walls, and scrub the front and back steps. You want your house to shine in the photographs people are viewing online.

And then it’s time to fix anything that’s broken. If there are wonky door handles, broken cupboard doors, lino that’s loose, fix them. It’ll make the pictures look better, and during viewings you wont be worrying about your potential buyer being put off by them.

House Photography Liverpool, Crosby, Formby ,Southport also available in surrounding areas.



Your home must be clean and orderly for it to show well and photograph well.

The rules are the same on the outside of the home as they are for inside: de-clutter! Roll up your garden hose or put it away. Remove all unsightly objects: ladders, wheelbarrows, building materials, etc. The concept is simple: a home that’s clean, neat, and in good repair is attractive. Make sure all the rooms and all the yards or gardens look like this before you photograph or show your home.
Put everything away that has no real reason to be on show, Make sure bedrooms are tidy and clear of clothes on floors or hanging out on cupboard handles.  It is important to remember that your home should be in showing condition before the photographers come to take photos. When a home is in showing condition, buyers can envision a space where they are going to live their new life. Your home should be neat and it’s a good idea to put away some of the stronger personal touches in the space.

House Photography Liverpool, Crosby, Formby ,Southport and all surrounding areas.


These two rooms are the most important ones to get right – kitchens and bathrooms are the most expensive rooms to renovate in a house, so you want buyers to feel that even if it’s not perfect, they wont need replacing in the near future. It’ll help you at least get the price your asking.

Tidy all the surfaces and clean them, and the walls, and the floor, make the rooms sparkle. Put away gadgets in the kitchen – too many objects on the work surfaces suggest there isn’t enough storage. If it really has to be out make sure you clean them until they gleam.

After cleaning the bathroom thoroughly, only keep out decorative items and a carefully folded towel. Simplicity is the key to a beautiful bathroom. Try to store toothbrushes, toothpaste,  shampoo bottles, razors etc in a cupboard and if you don’t have the space just put everything a box and hide it else where! This will make for better photography too, clean lines and spaces.   Use a mild air freshener  or scented candles when potential buyers come to visit.

House Photography Liverpool, Crosby, Formby ,Southport and all surrounding areas.


Most of the images taken are with natural light, but sometimes extra light can really bring a room to life and make it inviting. Replace any broken bulbs and bring a lamp into really dark corners. Candles on dining tables and lit fire places can and to the ambiance and create warmth.

House Photography Liverpool, Crosby, Formby ,Southport and all surrounding areas.


Whether your garden is a small yard or an acre plot with borders and an ornamental fountain, give it good tidy.

Once again de-clutter! its the same rules for the outside as inside. The concept is simple: a home that’s clean, neat, and in good repair is attractive. Roll up that garden hose or put it away. Remove all unsightly objects: ladders, wheelbarrows, building materials, etc. Remove any items that don’t need to be there, but if you have, garden furniture, bikes, rabbit hutches, kids’ sandboxes and toys, make them look neat and tidy.

By tidying it all up, giving the paths a sweep, and cutting the grass down, you vastly improve a garden’s looks and so the photographs will give buyers a real idea of how they might use this space should they buy the property.

House Photography Liverpool, Crosby, Formby ,Southport and all surrounding areas.

Student Accommodation Photography

We offer great photographs of Student Accomodation
plus dressing if required, ask us for details.

Liverpool is one of the most vibrant, spirited and energetic cities for students. Liverpool has a global reputation and a colourful history that spans back to 800 years. Recently I have seen a rise in really great, affordable student accommodation. Don’t let the photographs let you down.

If you are a landlord or property developer, maybe I can help you. I offer a service to photograph student accommodation and a dressing service too, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Please call me to see how I can help.

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